Bladen County eSMS

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Welcome to the Bladen County ESMS web site.

From here, users are able to register and sign up for the ability to:
Ø Add new members at anytime
Ø Remove members at anytime
  Ø Edit already existing members (Ex. if there phone number or cell carrier changed.)
  Ø Send messages to distribution group(s) (Member count unlimited!)
  Ø See past messages that have been sent to their distribution group(s)
  Ø Preview and print out a roster style listing of their members that are in the system per distribution group
  Ø Schedule messages to be sent to distribution group(s) at a later time/date

What is ESMS?
ESMS stands for Emergency Short Message Service. This was a service provided for Bladen County emergency responders in a joint effort between the Bladen County Sheriff's Office and Lenny's Computer Services. This system delivers text messages to your cell phone from the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) System inside Bladen Central Communications. If you have text messaging available on your phone, you should be able to receive these messages.

How does ESMS work?
When Bladen Central receives a 911 call, the dispatcher begins entering information about the call in the CAD System. When the dispatcher has enough information, the CAD will automatically start the process to send the necessary paging tones over the radio system and the dispatcher will announce the call. At about the same time the tones are being broadcast, the CAD creates a message and delivers it to a Text Message Server that resides in White Oak. This Server sends text messages to the emergency responders’ cellular phones by means of the internet.

How will the message look when it is received on my phone?
STA57 - Station number
123 Main St - Address of the incident
Following the address is a backslash ( / ) and NC HWY 131 which is the nearest cross street.
THL indicates it is in the Tar Heel area.
MAP - Following this is a URL (if enough information was provided) that will load a Google Map of the address in the message. This is mostly a smartphone ability, and some smartphones will even allow you to start Navigation to that address.

ESMS was made available to:
  Ø Supplement your radio or pager. For example, you can SEE the address of the call as opposed to have to ask Central to “Repeat the numeric’s, please”. (Obviously, you should not attempt to do this while driving.)
  Ø As a backup means of dispatching emergency responders. In the event of a major failure at Central, ESMS provides a way to get a message delivered to you provided the Text Message Server still has power, and internet access.
  Ø As a means to quickly distribute important messages, reminders, and notifications to members from either Bladen Central or the individual department's themselves.

How do I sign up?
For each Fire Department and/or Rescue Squad that you are a member of, the Chief (or designated officer) will have to be notified. They should have an account already setup on this site that allows them to add new members. If not, then they will need to Contact Us for instructions on how to setup an approved account.